Who is HR Mom?


Hello! I’m Melissa, better known as “HR Mom.”

The HR stands for Human Resources, where I worked for 18 years, leading Recruiting and Hiring teams for several well-known Fortune 100 companies. Over the years, I watched the skills and capabilities of young workers decline, while their managers became increasingly baffled by the realities of the entry-level workforce.

Again and again, we hired smart, academically-successful young adults, who looked great on paper. Once on the job, many experienced crippling anxiety and lacked the confidence to make decisions on their own. The more I examined these trends, the more clear it became that many popular modern parenting styles were hindering our kids’ ability to successfully navigate the real world.

I realized that if more parents would put in the work to build these skills while their kids were still at home, this talented new generation would have the confidence and capability to step into adulthood.

One of the BEST ways to equip our kids for success in adulthood is to engage them in the ownership of regular household chores in childhood. This course will show you exactly how to go about doing this.

I have three kids and am in the trenches with you!

My kids (ages 17, 13, and 8) each carry an age-appropriate share of chores and know this house can't run without their daily and weekly contributions.

Our family is a team, but this spirit of cooperation was not built overnight. We've had to work hard to create this culture, and have had to press RESET many many times over the years.

The Family Chores RESET is especially designed for parents/caretakers who:

- have tried countless chore systems but can't keep them going.

- are overwhelmed and need a fresh start.

- can't seem to effectively express the "invisible" load they carry.

- feel like they do it all, and can't seem to get their partners and kids on board.

- have tried allowance, punishments, consequences and nothing has worked.

- are exhausted by the power struggles chores have created in the past.

Don't worry! It's also great for families who:

- have young kids and want to create good habits early.

I've created this practical plan to help you create a TEAM culture where:

- EVERYONE shares the load.

- each team member knows what it expected of them.

- family members help each other out.

- your time, energy, and money are respected.

- you can quickly get back on track if things go off the rails.

Let me help you reclaim some of your time and energy and bring more peace to your home. Join the course TODAY.

You are worth the investment!

This course includes:
  • Over 20 short, self-paced video lessons

  • Easy-to-follow printable Notetaking Guide

  • Chore Ideas for #BOSSkids (by age)

  • Customizable Family Meeting Scripts

  • Downloadable Family Activities

  • Printable Chore Charts and Lists